Binance Smart Chain: key aspects to consider if you are planning to migrate

Binance Smart Chain in a nutshell

Binance Smart Chain features that make it stand out

#1. Compatible with Ethereum.

#2. Based on the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA).

#3. Tokenizing other assets.

#4. Yield farming.

BSC pros and cons: is everything as bright as you paint it?

  • A growing ecosystem with a big number of tools and dApps
  • A wide set of crypto projects that already support BSC and a great user base
  • EVM-compatibility facilitating the integration process for Ethereum users
  • High throughput allowing instant confirmation of transactions
  • Small network fees (2–4 cents, can reach 1 cent)
  • A possibility to integrate major cryptocurrencies by converting them into Binance-based derivatives

BSC vs Ethereum: comparison by key features

BSC vs Ethereum

Closing thoughts



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