Is Akropolis the answer to blockchain banking?

Building a DeFi economy

Akropolis is all about decentralized finance, so let’s first give a brief definition of this relatively new phenomenon. Discussed even at Forbes, DeFi has been a hot topic over the past few months. In short, this is simply a set of blockchain-based financial tools that typically include:

  • Stable coins
  • Investing platforms
  • Exchanges
  • Prediction markets

The core purpose of the project

Initially, Akropolis was to reshape the whole pension industry. In their white paper, it is stated that the global deficit between pension assets held and existing liabilities is large and is only expected to grow in the coming decades. Akropolis was planning to deliver a transparent and portable pension infrastructure based on blockchain technologies.

  • with no bank account,
  • with no need for long-term lock-ups to receive interest,
  • With the possibility to get your money back even if your agent “dissolves or fails”

The first real use case: Cashflow Relay

Having raised its full cap of $2.4 million, the team behind Akropolis doesn’t sit idle on their newly-acquired bags of cash. They have already presented a finished product, Cashflow Relay, the first in line to serve the decentralized society.

Reaching key milestones

A working app is not the project’s only achievement so far. Here are some of their most successful steps:

The list of partners that Akropolis has managed to gather so far is really impressive

Keeping Audiences Engaged

One of the interesting aspects to highlight is how Akropolis keeps its audience engaged.

Keep an eye on Akropolis

Having released its first product, the Akropolis team hasn’t rested on their laurels and keeps pushing along its established roadmap. All-in-all, this is definitely a project that blockchain enthusiasts should keep an eye on, especially if it continues to keep community creation at the forefront of its efforts.



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