What happened to Initiative Q, the “New Global Currency”?

Signs of a scam

Initiative Q has got so big it even has a dedicated page on Wikipedia. This may seem like a stamp of approval, but not all is quite as it seems. A Wikipedia entry alone cannot outweigh numerous signs of a scam, among which are the following:

How Initiative Q stands today

In typical crypto fashion, the hype around this project seemingly died just as quickly as it appeared. Just take a look at this Google Trends graph:

Google Trends: the hype around Initiative Q had lasted for only 2 weeks
Similarweb: the number of monthly visits keeps around 1 million

A scam from day one

With everything we have seen in the months since the project launched, it’s pretty clear that Initiative Q was a scam from the very start — the promises of unbelievable profits out of nowhere, no technical details, no team on the website, and no product to showcase were all immediate red flags.



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